8 Slides

8 Slides actually started with 1, then 3. It grew out of the frustration between having so much creative energy coming in and not feeling like there was enough time to put it out.

After a summer-freeze of depression and anxiety, I started to thaw in February 2021. I was recognizing how badly I wanted to tell stories–my stories. I needed an outlet for expression. As badly as I wanted this to be blog posts and writing, I was having a major block in being able to create in that medium.

My expectation wasn’t meeting my reality.
So I leaned into what was being offered to me.

Thus, what started as one Instagram story about my salad-spinner injury turned into a three-slide conversation from my kids about bad drivers to a detailed story of my hair (and postpartum period).

Writing in small boxes freed my mind to focus on the most important details while providing the satisfaction of a concise story.

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The Original