The Book

The words, the soul, the action.

This book is in progress!
Thank you for being with me in this process.

The Two Book Struggle: Some History and Today

  1. The Book: I’m So Glad You’re Here
  2.  What Are You Waiting For
  3. Thoughts are Not Facts
  4. The Intersection of You and Your Teaching
  5. Toxicity
  6. No More Status Quo (as is)
  7. Perfectionism
  8. My Philosophy
  9. Do the Work, Be the Model
  10. When You Compare, You Diminish Your Own Light
  11. What Threatens Your Light
  12. No Judgement (Safe Spaces and Vulnerability)
  13. Setting Your Intention
  14. Less Checking Boxes, More Checking Biases
  15. Privilege
  16. Naming and Keeping Boundaries
  17. More Resources (Toolbox)
  18. A Fair Chance
  19. You Write the Last Chapter
  20. (Notes – Extra Space)