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It is with extreme pleasure and gratitude to share I ‘m currently working on writing a book for tired teachers who feel the strain and pressures of education and aren’t feeling like enough.

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Good teachers strive hard. Good teachers forget they’re good. That’s why I created The Good Teacher Series.

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I am an educator turned stay-at-home-parent turned writer and creative. I’m from the States and currently live in Vancouver, British Columbia with my husband and 6 year old twin daughters. I have words to share with you.

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  • 8 Slides

    8 Slides actually started with 1, then 3. It grew out of the frustration between having so much creative energy coming in and not feeling like there was enough time to put it out. After a summer-freeze of depression and anxiety, I started to thaw in February 2021. I was recognizing how badly I wanted…


  • About My Work

    I dispel the conditioned notions of self, empower people to believe they can change, and choose solutions for a better life.