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This site brings together the gifts I know are true and good in me. Finding and sharing my voice is my power and purpose.

Ask. Meet. Be.

This is where it started. Ask the questions. Meet your fears. Be courageous. I often credit my sobriety with opening up doors, but in truth, learning about presence and awareness gave me a house of windows first. Ask, Meet, Be became a mantra, a way of living. When problems presented themselves, I leaned on this sequence.

Then I found the calling to write and share these parts of myself with you.

who am i?

Twin Parent

I am mama to two beautiful daughters. I am so grateful to have connected with online mom groups and to be in a generation where motherhood and parenting norms are constantly celebrated and challenged. My evolution into motherhood has been bumpy and downright painful sometimes. It’s also one of my greatest joys.


Ok, technically former teacher, but I don’t think the teacher gene ever leaves you. I taught 10 years of Kindergarten and one of 4th grade. I’ve been in Private, Public, and Charter settings, Montessori and Traditional in classrooms from PA to CA. I believe in transforming ourselves so we can transform our teaching.

Sober Badass

Oh, boy, this is a big one! I spontaneously stopped drinking in January 2019 and thus began a deep dive into questioning my relationship with alcohol. I am forever indebted to the Sober Community for sharing their wisdom and guidance.

Human Being

This is my greatest lesson–learning to be human. Sometimes I live high on spirit and it’s my greatest challenge to allow my human self to come through. I stumble, I trip, I fall. But I also run, soar, and leap. This is me making space for it all.

what’s here?

Writings & Poetry

You’ll find me writing at the intersection of Spirit, Sobriety, Motherhood & Parenting, and Education. These parts of my identity are in constant ebb and flow and influence one another. I believe in a world changed, where we ask ourselves the difficult questions. We’re more powerful than we know. Writing helps me see this power.

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