About My Work

I dispel the conditioned notions of self, empower people to believe they can change, and choose solutions for a better life.

This is where it started. Ask the questions. Meet your fears. Be courageous. I often credit my sobriety with opening up doors, but in truth, learning about presence and awareness gave me a house of windows first. Ask, Meet, Be became a mantra, a way of living. When problems presented themselves, I leaned on this sequence.

Then I found the calling to write and share these parts of myself with you.

Find Something for You.

You’ll find me writing at the intersection of Spirit, Sobriety, Motherhood, Parenting, and Education. These parts of my identity are in constant ebb and flow and influence one another. I believe in a world changed, where we ask ourselves the difficult questions. We’re more powerful than we know. Writing helps me see this power.

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