Transform Yourself, Transform Your Teaching

A Poem, a Playlist, a Book.
A Call to Action

We cannot fight for the liberation of others if we, ourselves, are not free.

Christina Lindvay

Transform Yourself, Transform Your Teaching is not a lesson plan, a curriculum, or a one-size-fits-all. It has always been by me, for me. It is my personal declaration to how I want to show up in the world and my vision for what I believe holds teachers, parents, and children back. I look forward to where this will take me, and at best, where it can take the world. 

About Transform Yourself,
Transform Your Teaching

Our Beliefs

I believe in a world where every child is set free. I believe that we get in the way of our children, often without our awareness. It’s time we become aware. Often as educators and parents we can’t see this because we’re not even aware of the barriers we put in front of ourselves. Transform Yourself, Transform Your Teaching aims to address our own limiting beliefs as well as acknowledge the systems of oppression that affect marginalized communities and Black, Indigenous, People of Color. Transform Yourself, Transform Your Teaching is call to work with conscious action in the means so that we change the status quo and create a world where we all belong.

We change ourselves, we change our children.
We change our children, we change the world.

This Work is Right for You

You have children.

Every person desires love, connection, belonging and purpose. As your child’s first contact you are their foundation. Give to your child what is needed for you, too.

You work with children.

If you are a teacher know that you are beyond influential. Not just in your daily interactions with students but as a voice to your Admin, school board, and greater community.

You live in this world.

We carry our own biases, prejudices, racism, anti-Black, white supremacist thoughts with us daily, whether we know it or not. Use this work to help you start with yourself. Seek out BIPOC teachers, authors, and leaders creating change with their activism and anti-racist/anti-bias work.


What People Say

The notion of change, the freedom within the concept gives me light and breath and I couldn’t be more excited to share this part of me with you.

Christina Lindvay

Love you, mama.

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