In thinking of me; in thinking of the kids.

Right now I’m connected to books.
I’m connected to writing.
I’m connected to people
to food
to music
to rest.

Why are we asking our children, some of the most vulnerable people on the planet, to be connected to anything else?

We can only ask of them what we are willing to do ourselves.
May we grant them the same pleasures we take for our heart.

You have permission and so do they.

Get lost in books, explore the million worlds that await; create, create – your own. Write many, write few, pages or lines, count your days, do the dishes, breathe and stretch; just be alive if that’s all that’s in you.

But above all else remember what you need as an adult. Your kids can have the same. They’re not far behind you.

There lives a thousand stories waiting to be heard

A thousand paths waiting to be discovered.

A thousand prints that will make an impression.

Art is life is books is writing is music is soul is food is play.

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