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I am not [just] a stay-at-home parent. Frankly I do not stay at home much. I’m actually, quite constantly, out of the home the majority of the time.

Grocery Store
Kids’ School
Gas Station
Post Office
Grocery Store (again)
Coffee Shop (Yes, I do need to live.)
3rd Grocery Store

And maybe, if I am lucky, walks with friends or personal shopping endeavors are sprinkled in.

Truthfully, I am out of the home more than I am in it.

Christina Lindvay

Truthfully, I am out of the home more than I am in it. But all that I do is for the home.

But what I do isn’t just for the kids.
What I do out/in the home is for me, for my husband, and occasionally, for our greater community.

I love a good word reframing and maybe it’s taken me this long to understand why “stay-at-home-parent” has never really worked for me.

I am more than all of the words, individually and collectively.

I do more.
I always have.
(Yes, you too.)

In me.
Outside me.
Branching every which way.
The tree of life
rooted, all around.

Color over color over color.

Color over color over color
in detail
and joy
to draw
to receive.
Just be.

Where does one poem end and the next begin?
Can you tell?

When she goes
she stays
until she faces a new day

I am poem with song
among people
words flow

I have always been the greatest influencer.

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