Peace and Harmony

We can’t be peace and harmony as a world until we are at peace and harmony within ourselves. Can we do it? Can we collectively take responsibility for our own shit so we can truly have peace? Because I think we can if, and it’s a big if, if we are willing.

I’m a world dreamer, a stage contestant. Holding pretty puppies and banner global peace. Saying, yes, yes we can.

Because we know what happens when we don’t. So why wouldn’t we want something greater, something better?

It is in our power because we are in our own power. That makes the biggest difference. And each of us has the power to peace. But will we take it? Will we run proudly with our personal responsibility?

You got this far in your life trying that. What if, what if, you try this?

The road to peace, the road to power, starts with you. Don’t let anybody tell you different.

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