I Found God

I Found God

I found God at the tip of my pen,
in an Instagram post of positivity,
reading the words of treasured authors,
sitting in the summer seat
of our patio's cast iron furniture,
sipping coffee and searching the sky
for streams of color bursting through,
and listening to the birds greet me again.

I found God in the everyday miracles
and grandeur of nature,
to the promise of a returned Spring.
I took pointers from perfect plants
and allowed my leaves to fall, too.
I believed I was meant to be here.

I found God when I saw you,
the judgement spilling from my seams,
and then I looked at myself,
full of struggle and despair,
and realized I am no different.
My heart gave way to forgiveness
and a thought of a new way.

I found God when I wondered,
when I dared,
when I surrendered.

I found God in the affirmed folds of life and connectedness of us all.

Slowly but surely,
I found God in me, of me, with me
all along.

I called home
and dialed up my worth.

I found God and then I found me.

-Christina Lindvay

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