Maybe It’s Right

Maybe ‘being right for me’ is the only answer I need.

In a world where we’re compounded with directions and ways of being, taking time to discover what’s really on our heart can feel so risky, so radical. But, here I am. Trying to be me in all of the places, all of the ways.

Hello, dear one,

It’s been some time again. But I’m so glad we could connect this way. I’m so thankful for the reminders that being in this space provides: we can go at our own pace. We’re right where we need to be.

I hope you are feeling some of that right now. I’ll send more this afternoon.

Because, gosh, what a whirlwind it’s been lately in the changing rooms \\ trying this, trying that. It’s fun, and it’s also tiring. In, out, arms up, arms down. Constantly asking yourself, “How does this look?” and the seasoned, daresay, wiser question of, “But is this comfortable?”

Is this an anti-establishment, DAMN THE MAN post, I don’t think so. It’s simply me confessing that the writer’s life, the creative’s life, the life of the human being waxes and wanes as much as the moon. Maybe we were never meant to be static. We’ve always been dynamic.

I think that for you, too.

Can I offer us one last piece of s p a c e before I go? Keep going. Keep going in the direction of you. It’ll never disappoint.


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