I Got There

You know that friend who’s struggling to figure something out and she just can’t see the way?! But, you-being on the outside-can see how obvious it is?! You want to just push her there, but you can’t. Because you know she needs to figure it out for herself…


That’s me! I’m that friend. For months I’ve been ping-ponging back and forth between “Is this me?” or “Is that me?” Since announcing the news of my book, the book for teachers who aren’t feeling like enough, I have been bending, stretching, trying, and stalling to see what fits best: Do I have one Instagram or two?! Am I one or two? What about six, seven, eight?

If that sentence doesn’t make much sense, imagine living it every day!

Truthfully, though, at times, I did feel I was on the path. I bet our spiritually minded, wise friends would probably say I never left the path.

But, I feel like I finally see the answer that’s been in front of me all along.

I’m going down to ONE Instagram!!!!!!!

Of course, it’s not really about social media, it’s about me seeing myself and realizing I don’t have to cut and chop to fit in certain places. It’s no wonder I’ve questioned whether I still belong in education because this whole time I’ve been afraid I’d have to leave this creative-me at the door. I really, truly, haven’t been sure how to combine these two parts of myself.

I can’t split anymore.

Me, referencing a post by Scott Erickson.

I can’t split anymore. I have to give thanks where it’s due, and today this realization was guided by the wisdom of Scott Erickson. You can see his post here. It is actually a 4-part post, which I recommend all of. But this is the one that stopped my heart, again. The first time was on a morning walk last winter when I heard his and Emily P. Freeman’s amazing podcast episode where they talked about the death of a dream*. It legit stopped me in my tracks. If you have not listened to it yet, do yourself a favor and get to it when you can. I’ve never listened to a podcast episode more than once and I’m up to 3 listens. It’s that potent. I also have a copy of his book, Say, Yes, which is what they discussed on the podcast. It’s taken me over a year to finish. I guess I’ve been letting it marinate. But everything about that post he made today summed up the dilemma I’ve been having.

Yes, the answer’s been in front of me the whole time!

I can’t keep going on in my writing life ignoring the teacher in me, and I can’t go on in my teaching life ignoring the writer I am.

I HAVE to move forward with both.

Come what may.

Thank you, Scott. Thank you, world. Thank you, YOU, for being here to receive it all.


xo: And you are quite the lucky ducky today. Two posts in one day. Maybe we’re a miracle after all.

*You can find that podcast episode here: The Next Right Thing, Episode 209.

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