If You Only Read One Thing About International Women’s Day, Let It Be This

Yes, there are dozens upon thousands of more qualified, scholarly voices to listen to today, but something is burning in my chest and I need to get this out.

I know you’re busy, so this will be short.

International Women’s Day is for ALL women. A L L women. Women/womxn/transwomen/cis women/nonbinary – and the list goes on and on.

Gender conforming/Gender non-conforming
Mothers/Not Mothers/Married/Single
Artists/Teachers/Sex Workers/Doctors

“It goes on and on and on.”

There’s so, SO much work to do for ALL; Especially in light of the recent attacks and violent rhetoric against Trans people, Drag Performers, and others simply trying to live their life. I’ll be the first to admit that there’s more I probably should be doing. It feels endless.

It feels endless because people continue to find ways to express their hate towards groups of people whose existence has absolutely no bearing on their lives. If, for a minute, they actually stopped to consider the light and love these humans [queer, trans, Drag, et. al.,] bring to the world, they may actually see joy. They may actually see their language and their actions are actually harming other people’s lives.

It is harm. It is hate. It is harm. It is hate.

Trans/Drag/Queer/Black people are people. They are human beings who do not deserve your hate, your bias, your ban.

Ok, if you’re going to read a second thing, then maybe let it be this post from the powerhouse human-being, Michelle Visage. Really, she sums it up.

/end it.


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“Teachers are underpaid because America does not value the work of women.”

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